Manufactures EMBLEM Paris is poised to be the preferred partner of interior decorators and interior designers for exceptional creations, made in France.

Heir to one of the most famous French woodworking dynasties, I founded Emblem Manufactures guided by the will to develop the artisanal know-hows in the field of decorative arts and to promote the exceptional products made in France.

Today, the group unites 4 houses with workshops and studios in Orleans, Revel, Longwy, Neufchâteau and Auvernaux. The 60 craftsmen of these manufactures master and illustrate their exquisite skills in each and every piece of creation their hands produce in a daily basis.

Our project aims to propose to interior decorators and interior designers the best of the French decorative arts. We are believe that strength lies in numbers and that is the reason why EMBLEM Manufactures will continue to welcome new manufacturers with complimentary know-hows.

The Emblem manufactures promotes the passion for artisanal excellence, the love for the French art de vivre, and the commitment towards Made in France products, and that is precisely what we aim to be the ambassadors of, worldwide.