4 HIGH-QUALITY french houses

TAILLARDAT is above all the excellence and the elegance of true style. The House is an heir of the great French cabinetwork and chair-making tradition.

Distinguished in cabinetmaking and marquetry, CRAMAN-LAGARDE is highly renowned for its high-end classical, Art Deco and contemporary pieces of furniture.

VERNAZ & FILLES applies the gold leaf on any surface and proposes an exquisite collection of moldings for your tailor-made frames.

The MANUFACTURE DES EMAUX DE LONGWY 1798 perpetuates a centuries-old and exceptional know-how on cloisonné enamels on faience.

a SHOWROOM and a logo as EMBLeMS.

What the Emblem manufactures champions today is the passion for craftsmanship excellence, the love for the French art de vivre, and its commitment towards Made in France products, which are display in the Parisian showroom. Built on the site that hosted the ancient Carmelite convent of Grenelle, the D’Artagnan Hotel can be found on 122 rue de Grenelle. The link with the glorious Musketeer, who lived in the neighborhood at the end of his life, is probable, yet to be confirmed.


In order to pay tribute to the King’s swordsman and to the initial purpose of the arms room, where the showroom is now located, the Emblem Group has chosen to be represented by the image of two swords and a bee, as a symbol of collective work. Our showroom has been conceived as a living space, where our customers can be acquainted with the know-hows of all our Houses and the exquisite work of our craftsmen, while meeting and exchanging with each other.


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