The EMBLEM Manufactures Paris today gather 4 Houses, whose pieces and novelties are displayed in our showroom.


Maison Taillardat

The excellence of style. Specialized in the design and manufacture of furniture and chairs of style, Maison Taillardat has carried the label “Living Heritage Company” since 2011. An essential reference in the art de vivre worldwide, Taillardat embodies the know-how of excellence and craftsmanship through the pieces that the House’s costumers trust it with.

The Maison offers a rich catalogue of more than 400 models to be specified by interior decorators, as well as tailor-made creations.

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The Maison CRAMAN-LAGARDE is distinguished for its brilliant creations of high-end classical, Art Deco and contemporary furniture. Labeled “Living Heritage Company” and holder of exceptional know-hows, the Manufacture houses a variety skilled artisans in its workshops. Cabinetmakers, fine art broze smiths woodcarvers, passionately work hand in hand with architects and interior decorators of luxury hotels and private residencies.

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Maison Vernaz & Filles

Specialized in gilding with gold leaf and in the manufacture of stylish frames, House Vernaz & Filles was founded by two enthusiasts willing to give life to objects dating between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century or to imagine them custom-made. Today, their two daughters continue the family tradition and perpetuate this know-how, precious for restorations or new creations.

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La Manufacture des Emaux
de Longwy 1798

In Lorraine, cradle of ceramic arts, The Manufacture des Emaux de Longwy 1798, possesses a unique know-how and a more than two-centuries old heritage. It is in 1870, that the faiencerie calls on the Italian craftsman of the cloisonné, Amedee de Carenza, who creates a new artistic process: the black enamel line, replacing the brass wire used to delimitate the colors, giving, thus, birth to the first enamels of Longwy. For more than a century Longwy  has held the exclusivity of the cloisonné enamels on

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